Welcome to Pathfinding Algorithm Visualizer’s documentation!

Path-finding Algorithm Visualizer is a GUI based toolbox for visualizing Pathfinding algorithms like A*, Breadth First Search etc. written in Python. The toolbox bundles some shortest path finding algorithms to visualize Time Complexity and traversing style along with other additional feature of embedding obstacles.

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This Python program computes…

  • … shortest path from start node to final using A*, BFS, DFS, Dijkstra, Bidirectional & Best First Search.

  • … shortest path even if obstacles are present.

  • … total visited nodes.

  • … total elapsed time taken for completion.

… and comes with variety of additional PFAV(Path-finding Algorithm Visualizer) tools, such as…

  • … resetting the grid board again & again to visualize algorithms.

  • … availability of Time Complexity and Space Complexity.


Before the running this program, user must have python3 installed on the machine.

Clone the repository by using the following command:

After this open the project and activate the virtual environment:

$ virtualenv venv

Note: In place of venv user can use any other name for their virtual environment.

Activate virtual environment using:


In case, virtualenv is missing then use Conda Environment or can use:

$ pip install virtualenv

For installing virtual environment.

After this the requirements can be installed using the pip tool:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Then run the program:

$ python3 run visualizer.py

Disclaimer & Context

This project has initially (up to version 1.0) been developed within the scope of our Mini Project “Development of a GUI Python Application for Path-finding algorithm visualizer” at the ABV-Indian Institute of Information Technology, Gwalior, M.P., India.